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He wanted you to be spared of that fate. In all honesty, I will remember him that way forever. Gangrenous and shallow faced, so shallow you could see the curvature of his cheekbones arching up and then disappearing into his head. I remember his dying voice, so quiet it could be a whisper.

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But he would understand, and he would be thankful for it. After I saw his foot, any chance of me becoming a heroin addict went out the window. But there is a difference between remembrance and celebration, and that is not the Hobo Joe whose life I will celebrate. I will celebrate him by telling my future kids of the fish he caught, the pieces he painted, the camping trips we took, and the pair of massive underpants we reeled in. I look back at his life, marred by his demons, and I see what an amazing man he was.

I see the love he gave, even though he was consumed by this monster.

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I see the smiles he planted and grew, even with the pain he carried. And that is something we can all celebrate. Subscribe to our Newsletter Thank you for signing up! Check your inbox for the latest from Odyssey. Family Friends.

A Hobo Odyssey

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At University of Central Florida. At Seton Hall University. Behold, Batman: Hobo , our fever dream made manifest. Thanks, Rob!

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Your work has inspired many high fives around the ComicsAlliance digital office. When Steve and his friend Eddie took up the hobo life, it was with a different purpose in mind.

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They wanted to see the world outside of their home in South Carolina. While Steve originally wanted to see his birthplace in southwest Missouri, Eddie just went along for the ride.

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Never in their wildest dreams could they have imagined the adventures, danger and trickery they would encounter along the way. Less than a few miles from home they run into a man known as Slim who happens to be a schizophrenic serial killer, tracking down and murdering hobos and tramps along the same route the young men have chosen.

Their journey becomes a quest for survival that takes them through small towns along the railroad tracks as they beg, work and even steal for food — all the while making friends of diverse homeless men looking for work from one town to another, and defending themselves from the ones who would do them harm.