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Greens should always make the biggest percentage of plant foods, followed by vegetables, and the sugar-rich fruit should be given in the smallest quantities. Foods that you should never give your dragon are fireflies toxic , insects with a hard cuticle outer shell , avocado toxic , rhubarb toxic , green lettuce, meat, bread or any other processed human food. Coating food with vitamin and mineral supplements at regular intervals is also essential for proper metabolism. Food chunks that are too large can press on the spinal cord of your dragon from the inside, causing paralysis or intestinal impaction, both critical health conditions which demand urgent vet care.

If you believe that your beardie has eaten something too large for his size, you need to allow their stomach to hang freely to keep pressure off their spinal cord. You can do this by making a hammock out of a small rag or a towel with a hole in the middle, so the stomach hangs freely through the hole.

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Owners will cut a hole in a small towel and will put their beardie on top of the towel in a position so their stomach hangs freely through the hole. Bearded dragon tanks can be made of various materials — glass , wood or plastic. However, there are several rules every beardie enclosure needs to follow:. Care for baby dragons differs from that you would provide for adult beardies. There are also differences in housing babies and adult bearded dragons — you can learn about them in our habitat article.

Nowadays, there is a decent number of different bearded dragon morphs. The rarer the morph is and the more saturated the colors are — the price for the specimen is higher. I always prefer to buy any reptile directly from the breeder. Surely, it is easy to just go in and buy an animal in the pet store.

However, although all stores are different, on average — the conditions for animals in the shops are not ideal. That increases your chance of ending up with a beardie who is malnourished or sick. Finding a right bearded dragon breeder will demand some extra effort and research. It is preferable to find a breeder in your area so you can visit his facility — besides seeing how animals are kept, it is much safer to pick up your beardie personally than to have him mailed to you. It is also highly likely you will get better information and advice from a caring breeder than from a local pet store, and you will have someone to turn to in case you run into any issues.

Besides buying, there is always an option of adopting an abandoned bearded dragon from animal shelters or reptile rescue centers. When picking a bearded dragon, always go for individuals that are lively , large , bright-eyed and plump with thick tails. Some people tend to pick smaller, skinny beardie babies out of compassion. Bringing a friend along or asking a reliable breeder for help can be a good option since two pairs of eyes are better at noticing potential issues than just one.

Also, know that there are pet shops that sell too young baby beardies. Always look to buy a bearded dragon that is at least 3 months old , and that has been raised professionally up until that point. Baby beardies are quite skittish and fearful ; they do not enjoy being handled too much, and especially not within a closed hand. The first thing to do while the baby is still small and delicate is to get him or her used to your presence.

Sit where he can see you, read a book, or talk to him. In combination with providing food, he will soon learn that you are a friend. After a couple of days of doing this, you can gently handle the baby dragon without taking him out of the tank. With time, he will start to enjoy the warmth and the gentle touch of your hands. It is up to you to decide when you will start taking your baby beardie out of his tank. When you want to handle your bearded dragon, it is very important that you do it right :. Also, you have to make sure you stay above a soft and safe surface , such as a bed or a sofa, while you handle your pet.

If your beardie falls on the ground, it could cause spinal injury and even death. However, to stay healthy, a beardie needs to be physically and mentally active — something that is hard to achieve in his tank only. That is why you can organize special activities that will both keep him active and help you bond. Like all lizards, bearded dragons are territorial , which means they get tense and frustrated when they end up in an unfamiliar place. When you take your beardie out into a completely unknown territory, you will notice that he will get easily agitated or frightened by even the smallest signs of danger.

That is why I would avoid taking him to different places all the time. Sometimes there is a thin line between keeping your pet active and stressing him out. Walking around an area that he is already familiar with — such as a backyard — is the option I prefer. Remember not to hassle your beardie with too much handling and play until he is about 6 months old. Until that age, keep the interaction brief and undemanding.

By following a handful of simple rules for keeping beardies, you will ensure your pet will stay happy and healthy for a long time. It will also help you foster a great relationship with him. With beardies, nothing is really difficult, but many moments are greatly rewarding. Remember to explore other beardie articles on the website to get a complete picture of the proper beardie care.

A cheap trick you can use to make your beloved bearded dragon feel safe and secure It takes just 5 minutes and costs nothing How to design your own cage, and 1 thing you should definitely take note of when building your own cage Most people neglect this and come to regret later! Why it is important for your bearded dragon to receive the right amount of heat. The right amount of heat to supply to your bearded dragon and 4 ways you can do so without buying any of those expensive equipment. How to tell if your bearded dragon is suffering from excess heat. Why it is important that your bearded dragon receives enough UVB rays.

Why you should never use any fluorescent bulb lying around your home to provide your bearded dragon with light One shocking fact about fluorescent light bulbs and when you should change them The myth about adjusting the light periods to adjust to changing of the seasons Knowing this can save you lots of time and energy A high-tech substrate you can use for the cage that is little-known, and is actually beneficial for your bearded dragon.

The right decorations you should place in the cage. Make sure none of these come into contact with your beardie. The truth about keeping your bearded dragon outdoors, and the conditions that must be fulfilled to do so Most owners just keep their bearded dragon outdoors because they wrongly believe it is more convenient and better for the bearded dragon! How to prevent a bearded dragon from escaping when setting up an outdoor enclosure. Why you should never grab your bearded dragon from above or kiss it, no matter how cute it looks. How you should carry your bearded dragon in the palm of your hand Ignore this and you risk injuring your bearded dragon.

How children should be supervised to handle bearded dragons. One mistake owners make when handling bearded dragons, resulting in their pets being almost impossible to handle! The exact steps to effortlessly trim the nails of your bearded dragon, without any resistance or struggle. What you should do if you accidentally injure your bearded dragon while trimming its nails. The shocking truth about obesity for bearded dragons. What you have to do if you want to release your bearded dragon from its cage. This works the MOST effectively and is found in almost all households!

The right way to clean the cage of your bearded dragon to make sure that no parts are missed out I show you the potential problem areas that pet owners miss Why your bearded dragon is not using its litter box and how you can solve the problem.

Complete Bearded Dragon Care Guide

How to give your bearded dragon a proper bath and scrub. The shocking truth about most veterinarians vets and why they are not suitable for your bearded dragon. How to avoid causing undue stress to your bearded dragons. One thing your bearded dragon should never see or come into contact with make sure you do not have this item anywhere near its cage. Why you should be very careful when catching live insects from your backyard for your bearded dragon.

How you can save money using this method, instead of buying live insects for your bearded dragon Using this technique, you can even make a small profit! One golden rule you should use to determine if a piece of food is too big for your bearded dragon Most bearded dragon owners feed their pets food that are too large for it to handle This rule should always be used!

What you should do before feeding your bearded dragon with prepared commercial food even if it means ignoring the packaging How to deal with a bearded dragon that is a picky, fussy eater using this trick. Vitamin supplements and how you should choose the right one for your bearded dragon. One method to ensure that your bearded dragon consumes its supply of vitamins.

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What to feed your bearded dragon if it loses its color or does not look as radiant as before. What you should consider before deciding whether or not to breed your own bearded dragons Doing this will save you from months of trouble later on. How to tell if your bearded dragon is approaching sexual maturity. How to use the right material to build a nesting box for your female bearded dragon.

Bearded Dragon Breeding Terminology

A secret technique you can use to persuade your female bearded dragon to use your nesting box as her nesting place. The exact combination of male and female bearded dragons you should put in one enclosure to prevent aggressive behavior, and encourage breeding. Why you should avoid placing one male and one female bearded dragon in the same enclosure. How to take care of your female bearded dragon when it is gestating, and the diet it should have.

How you can save money building your own incubator for your bearded dragons How to take care of the hatchlings after they have just hatched from their eggs Warning — Hatchlings are extremely sensitive to their surroundings and will die if not handled properly. What a bearded dragon does when it is curious.

How to set up a litter box for your bearded dragon. If you sat down and consulted with me one to one, these are also the likely questions you might have.

15 Awesome Bearded Dragon Morphs (With Pictures): Species Guide

Is it possible to play with my bearded dragon too much? Will it be harmful?

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  7. I found it very interesting and informative. Thank you. There are about 5 different species of bearded dragon all up. I hope you receive this well and have the time to reply. I would love to hear your thoughts in regards to the different species of bearded dragons. Once again I meant no disrespect by contacting you like this and I sincerely apologise if I have upset you in any way. Any help would be great. Can send pictures. Contact me 1 And he inspired me to make habitat for them with things to keep them busy and look more like there own living place. Morph is a term used to describe different physical characteristics.

    A bearded dragon can display a combination of morphs and other physical features. Bearded Dragon Breeding Terminology Genetics in general is a complicated area of study. Selective Breeding: Selective breeding is when two particular types of bearded dragon are mated in an attempt to create specific outcomes, such as certain colors, patterns or other features. Recessive Traits: These are traits that come from a recessive gene. For a recessive trait to present visually, it must be passed down from both parents. Dominant Traits: A dominant trait will be displayed in offspring even if only one parent carries it.

    What you SHOULD know about Bearded Dragon care!

    Co-Dominant Traits: When offspring shows multiple dominant traits, they are considered to be co-dominant. Leucism: Leucistic animals produce very little melanin, making them appear much lighter in color than usual. Witblits, zeros, and hypos are all leucistic. Leucism is different than albinism, which causes an animal to produce no melanin at all.

    Color Variations in Bearded Dragons Bearded dragons can display a variety of colors. Red — Red varieties you may see include red, blood red, and ruby red bearded dragons. Types of Bearded Dragon Morphs The following list outlines the true morph types for bearded dragons. Classic or Normal Bearded Dragons This type of bearded dragon most closely resembles the ones found in the wild.

    They usually do not have any spikes on their beard or sides of the body, and the spikes on the back of their head are smaller than normal Silkback Bearded Dragons Photo by Dachiu Dragons Silkback morphs do not have any spikes or scales on their bodies, which makes them one of the most unique bearded dragon types. Regular Pattern Right , Photo by Dachiu Dragons Genetic stripe is a dominant genetic mutation that causes the lizard to display stripes down each side of its spine. Silverback Bearded Dragons Before the witblits and zero morphs were discovered, Silverbacks were the only patternless bearded dragons available.

    This is generally because witblits and zeros produce more desirable traits than silverbacks. Wero Bearded Dragons Photo by Dachiu Dragons White and patternless, the Wero was created by combining the witblits morph with the zero morph. Paradox Bearded Dragons Photo by Dachiu Dragons The paradox is easy to distinguish from other varieties due to its striking appearance. Color Paradox Shifts or distribution and attractiveness of patterns The most highly sought-after paradox specimens show vibrant colors and distinct paradox patches.

    Finding a Breeder After you have determined the bearded dragon morph that you would like to buy, the next step in finding a quality breeder. In fact, all of the images above are dragons that they own and breed! As bearded dragons mature, the patterns and colors they display may change. Their coloring may become duller, or it might become more vivid.

    Also, patterns may become more or less defined as a lizard grows. Bearded dragons can look different in various types of lighting. Beardy colors can appear more vibrant in certain lighting. Also, be aware that people may do less-than-honest things to boost sales — like using photoshop or employing overly dramatic editing. Breeders often use fun descriptions for the patterns on different bearded dragons.

    Remember that these are not true morphs, but rather simply adjectives used to help describe the physical characteristics of a lizard and also to make it sound more interesting to potential buyers. Fancy, like the terms discussed previously, is just a word used for informal description. It is often used when the breeder or seller is unsure of the exact morph variety but wants to differentiate it from a standard beardie. There is no pygmy bearded dragon. Sometimes small beardies are labeled as pygmies. However, there is no true genetic morph that produces small bearded dragons.

    Breeding bearded dragons is indeed fascinating, but not something that should be done without expertise. Breeding beardies is not as simple as just placing two opposite-sex specimens in a tank. Careless breeding can be cruel and can produce unhealthy animals that may not thrive. Sincerely, Jessica N.