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Archaea hold clues to ancient ocean temperatures 10 hours ago. Oct 04, If warming exceeds 2 C, Antarctica's melting ice sheets could raise seas 20 meters in coming centuries Oct 03, Oct 02, User comments. Aug 29, Everything that these scientists are finding are relative to the Clockwork of the Universe. Each planet, Star, galaxy has its own Clockwork that is obeyed which, in turn, keeps all that is within the Clockworks's control running smoothly with very few glitches.

Even during galactic mergers, the Clockwork of each body arranges each body to configure that the spaces between each is maintained.

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Report Block. As I have often said here in Physorg, there is no such thing as 'time'. On Earth, it is the sunrise to sunrise 24 hour rotation cycle of the Earth that is measured by clocks. On another planet, its rotation cycle would be comprised of a different set of hours, minutes and seconds. Tombstone Gabby. I seem to recall that as the solar system revolves around the galactic center, we're not quite on the galactic plane. It's probably been thirty or forty years now since I read about this - I don't have a clue now of the number of years for one revolution. Can someone help out Da Schneib.

I'll have plenty more if needed. Let's see yours. The list goes on.

Waiting on God's Timing, Part 1 – Charles F. Stanley

Pasteur for example. Waiting over here. I've heard that at one point there was an ice age that caused the oceans to freeze down to 1 mile in depth, and the average temperature was degrees at the equator. I was thinking variations in the Sun's energy output could cause this. Now, I'm thinking orbital variations could be more likely. However also consider what would happen if the Solar system were to pass through a nebula. Would the gas in the nebua cut down the solar energy enough to cause that kind of freezing? More research needed.

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Aug 30, The sun goes up and down every 26, years, a vibration compared to the ,, years for the solar system to orbit the galaxy. A second up and down motion due to the warped galactic disc has a period of 63,, years. No proven correlations tied to the up and down time periods. You must be new here. Why a hand, when he discovered his head so much more fitting. I hope that you enjoy your stay. Please don't mind the trolls such as rrwillsj who can't seem to think of anything of value to say.

But most of the articles are excellent and informative. Good reading to you. Yes can you believe it he is brand new and already know you've been a relentless uneducated goon for oil trollmasters for over 20 years. See everyone knows it ;. LOL antigoracle has many sockpuppets, stay for just a few hours and you will see them at play swinging the trees. Your Prayers have been answered. Fore phys. Usually when this happens the method is useful and robust. Mostly the use will be to straighten out the geological and biological record datings.

Indeed, neither climate nor extinctions have been found to have correlations. Best tested with autocorrelation methods. So the PETM connection is an extraordinary claim, but the evidence seems to be ad hoc pattern recognition i. We'll have to wait and see how that hypothesis fare. Some of the dialog seems erased - or possibly the commenter is on my blocking list, your references are unclear - if that makes you feel better. Certainly rudeness is to be pointed out. However, you are rude too. How dare you suggest, as per the usual superstitious pablum, that early scientists living in a dominantly superstitious society were using science to "forward" anything!?

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Superstition held them back. And, contrary to the pablum, that an individual can be both scientist and superstitious does not mean science and superstition is not contradictory. I tried dating Geologic Archives but she was mired in too much chaos. Let me say that again: superstition is delusion. Science, that moves society forward, has in the first two decades of this century done the same number on all religion as it did the century before on astrology.

Are you done being rude, suggesting humanity is "advancing humanity forward" by remnants of Bronze Age self delusions such as religion? I hope so. LOL Torbjorn is one of those who are deathly afraid of superstition; so much that he will go into all sorts of contortions to avoid walking under a ladder or allowing a black cat to cross his path, all the while thinking that there is no such thing as superstition while railing against it.

He pretends to have a strong dislike of superstition only because he is commenting on this science site. But the very idea of religion cannot be avoided for humans such as Torbjorn. It is in their dreams - haunting them. There have been others in the past who tried to explain that absence and nonexistence. Perhaps they were not telling it in the correct media, or didn't go into as much detail as I have done. Just like the ticking of an Atomic Clock. I have no problem with their referring to the flow of Events and Actions and their measurable Durations as 'time'.

The term is too ingrained in the brains of humans. Aug 31, We've only seen you dating your spooky sockpuppets down in solitary in your mother's basement ;. If no correlation has been shown to match that astronomical sequence to earth's climate variations - one less thing to incorporate into the models. Those two emotions are native to humans and human values according to what they had been taught to regard as important as children and young adults. Humans become proud of their accomplishments, but it is not long-lasting. Something else will take its place.

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In other words, granville, it is Pride that is the downfall of all humans and Angels. So we don't indulge ourselves in such emotions of the Mind.

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