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Here's the next best thing Once again, Aching Solitude Awareness Day is upon us, and oh, what fun it is. If you're single, and especially when Does that whole 'loves a sense of humour' still count when the joke that sent her into a cavalcade of laughter was 'Uh, so, can I buy you a drink? Is it a lie to create an internet profile that says you're in good shape if you think spheroids have a certain class? Worth bothering?

Honestly, it's a minefield. There has to be an easier way to learn the ropes without ending up wanting to make a noose. Maybe games can help! Let's see, what do we have on the obscure crap pile? Ah, yes! Well, if a truly terrible dating simulator from can't teach even loveless geeks everything there is to know about romance, I don't know what can! Pour yourself a half-empty glass of your favourite beverage, turn down the lights, and let's get ready to bumble!

Okay, so that might be overselling things a bit. Man Enough is a dating game, but it's really closer to interactive shock treatment - something so bad, the mere thought of romance will make you want to vomit after playing it.

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It's mean-spirited, more than a little misogynistic, and if there's one thing it has more contempt for than women, it's you, its player. Possibly with cause, admittedly The romance kicks off in a cafe, where you're sitting - as usual - alone. Your friend Nick, sporting a jumper apparently knitted out of testosterone and Rohypnol for all the female attention he's getting, takes pity on you. I'm sorry to hear that," he jabbers, not waiting for an answer, just handing you a card for the Man Enough dating agency which gave him his power. One quick drive later, pausing only to note that the game's photographer is called 'John Breedlove', you're on its doorstep, raring to go.

Now, I'm no 'love doctor', but I think I know why our main character is still single. Leisure Suit Larry has better chat-up lines than these. Hell, Buffalo Bill is probably more romantic, and he's a serial killer whose goal is to make a woman suit out of his victims. Luckily, Jeri takes this in stride. Handing over Nick's card, it quickly becomes clear that you're meant to try chatting Jeri up, mostly because she was on the box, and she's the only one of the women in the game who appears in FMV form instead of just still images. Amused by this, she suggests that you should try stepping up to her league by first dating all five of her female clients.

Man Enough to be a Woman: The Autobiography of Jayne County

All of whom hang out at the same gym. These are now officially the only other five women who exist in the world: Blair, Erin, Quinn, Fawn and Kellie. Being a gentleman, you immediately make your introduction by walking right up to the group and staring at their breasts in turn. Click on their bodies and you take a longer look while they stare back, showing off, blowing kisses, or in one case, licking her finger and rubbing it down her cleavage like she's trying to stick down a loose flap of skin. Still, time to dive in and get seductive! Man Enough is an entirely dialogue driven game.

You choose the woman you want to seduce, and work through long, long conversation trees. If she likes you enough by the end, you move on - in the case of the gym, giving you her number. How do you know if you've said the right thing? In an ideal world, you'd sense the vibes. This being Man Enough, that takes some sensitivity.

But no. This being a dating game, the take-home message is that only sociopaths and liars should even try. All of their personal profiles are provided in a dedicated manual, and even slightly deviating from what the specifics therein means almost instant disaster. Don't question it! Don't you dare express an honest opinion or try to tell an unapproved joke! No matter how well the date's going, even consider falling for that whole 'be yourself' Sesame Street crap, and you're in for this face instead:.

Got all that? Then let's get out there and woo some lonely hearts! Or head home now, because it's pointless, and nobody could ever No, be strong! Be confident! Just don't make the mistake of being yourself, because that never works!

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    Buy and sell, give and take Personally I prefer to buy But then, who doesn't like presents? Especially surprises. It's amazing how a bit of lace and a few strips of ribbon can provide an evening's entertainment. Despite being a game about conversation, Man Enough doesn't actually bother with regular dialogue trees. It's more like Monkey Island's dueling insult minigame, only with supposedly sexy non-sequiturs. Fawn is a saleswoman and romance fan, so the 'correct' answers are usually things like 'Sorry, but do you know you look like a romance novel heroine?

    Because transcribing the whole thing would be both boring and hazardous to diabetics, here's a conversation with the responses picked purely at random. At this point, the face of Jeri appears on the screen, randomly interjecting "Play to win! She does this a lot. It is very creepy. Talk to her again and the conversation starts from the beginning. Get to the end with her liking you enough and she gives you her number. You head home and phone her, and of course, being a woman and all, she's already there, idly posing for invisible cameras in her bra and pants.

    Navigate the maze, not picking options like "Women are like those food bins at stores. I try a little first", and you arrange a cycling date. Get through this without trying such romantic one-liners as "I still wouldn't want to pressure you, but I'm ready for love now," and it ends at a log in the middle of the forest. Fawn stretches out, but, before anything can happen, her pager dings. Yes, pager.

    She checks it, and then admits the truth, that she really works for the developers, and is only out with you to test it. But hey, she tells you, maybe one day they'll make Woman Enough, and if they do, they'll need some male dates for it! They didn't. They made Silent Steel instead. Well, no matter. That's why I came to Man Enough. Relationships are an investment. First card: Who are you? Are you where you want to be? What is the opposite of you? Are you happy? What does happiness mean? What is now most important to you? How do you deal with fear and this terrible feeling of anxiety that continuously grows inside?

    Do you ever dream of running away? How do you imagine your escape? Do you have new dreams? What is love to you?

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    What is the most serious thing that has changed, apart from your body? I used to be a total optimist. Last card: What is the biggest lesson you have learned so far? I like the titles of your art shows. What does it mean to you, to be a woman? I wish I had a penis. What is it referring to? I find it quite amusing for a woman to talk about anuses. Also I am referring to the art world. People behave as if they have fingers stuck up their arses. Also, the art world does remain very masculine, still.

    In your work you provoke politeness. Do manners matter to you? Especially when it comes to public etiquette. The behaviour of people in public spaces tells you everything about them. How they behave walking on the streets. In public toilets. I did this project for Frieze, The Toilet Attendant… Now Wash Your Hands , which was a performative intervention in one of the washrooms at the art fair. I decorated the toilets and worked there as an attendant. An Underground superstar but a superstar nonetheless. Born into barefoot poverty in Dallas, Georgia, even as a young child Jayne was known as a 'sissy boy'.

    This was s America when the supposed greatest nation on earth was still a backwards one where the races were segregated, religious fundamentalism held sway and homosexuality was impossible to comprehend. After a childhood of dressing up as Cleopatra and listening to the Beatles, Jayne left highschool and took a job in Atlanta where after a day's work she would walk the streets searching for something which even Jayne herself could not articulate. Her quest came to an end when one evening she spied sashaying toward her what was the equivalent of a big neon sign pointing to what was to be her future: Men wearing make-up and sprayed hair, screaming and attracting as much attention to themselves as possible.

    They were what was known as Screaming Queens, transvestites who enjoyed nothing more than freaking people out through outrageous behaviour and appearance. This was Jayne's first encounter with the city's gay subculture and she was only too willing to dive head-first no pun intended into it. Come , Jayne set off for New York City with the intention of travelling on from there to San Francisco to wear some flowers in her hair but after losing her luggage along the way she ended up in New York with no money and only the clothes she stood up in.

    Are you MAN ENOUGH for This Type of Woman? - How to Date High Status Women

    The only place she knew of in the city was a gay bar called the Stonewall in Greenwich Village so rather than Haight-Ashbury, this was where she spent her Summer of Love. The Stonewall was the most famous gay bar in America and in the summer of '69 it was raided by the police, an incident that ignited three days of rioting that became known as the Stonewall Riots, to this day widely regarded as being the birth of Pride and gay liberation. Jayne was there for all three days and nights, scrapping it out with the police and joining the chants of 'Gay power!

    Gay power! Two months after the riots, Jayne set off for Woodstock where she spent the whole for her not very enjoyable three days sitting in mud and tripping on acid. The Stonewall had by this time been shut down so on returning to New York she started frequenting Max's Kansas City, the club headquarters of practically everyone involved in the New York City Underground. She became acquainted with an aspiring photographer called Leee Childers who invited Jayne to room with him at his flat in the East Village. For a period - if it's possible to imagine?

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    Through her friendship with Jackie Curtis, Jayne was offered a part in a stage play called Femme Fatale - named after the Velvet Underground's song, of course - that was the catalyst for her short career in theatre but which led to contact with Patti Smith, Andy Warhol, Cherry Vanilla and David Bowie. It wasn't too long before Jayne thought she might also try her hand at being a rock star. Leee immediately called Jayne and told her to get over to England as well because something hugely significant was occurring. It was and Punk Rock was in full, florid bloom.

    The British Punk Rock scene of was the perfect environment for Jayne and her band The Electric Chairs to perform before a receptive audience.